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mobile phonereasons why PUBG Mobile works brilliantly on phones

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mobile phonereasons why PUBG Mobile works brilliantly on phonesHeres where you enable the gyroscope and you really, really should. Trust us,motion controls are awesome.

reasons why PUBG Mobile works brilliantly on phones

Theres a button to do that on PC, too, but its way more important on mobile.

Cars are a bit more powerful on mobile, because its a little harder to snipe them from across the map.

Friend invites in action. Theyll pop up for you on any screen, so you dont have to wait around in the lobby. Go customize your character or something.

Part of thats because the game has some pretty heavy autoaim which snaps your gun to target. But its also because… next slide

Or you can just tap them if you feel like changing things up.

First Man is the moon landing experience my generation is missing

Pretty impressive that it all works over a cellular connection, and with both wired and Bluetooth headsets.

Lexus RC gets chassis and styling tweaks

officially arrived on iPhones, iPads and Android devicesin the United States and its way, way more badass than a mobile game has any right to be.

Mercedes GLEClass will likely sprout coupe variant

Youd think PUBG might have had to cut back on the foliage for mobile… but no! Still provides brilliant cover.

And hey, at least theres a consolation prize when you lose. Another fun little piece of artwork for you to collect.

Plus, PUBG Mobile adds little directional hit indicators when you get shot, or hear shots nearby. Way easier to tell where enemies are coming from. The directions of distant shots appear in the minimap.

You can play as a guest without logging in but if you want a persistent account across devices, youll have to link it with Facebook which means the game will use your real name by deult if you start this way. Bleh.

It really comes in handy when youre digging through a giant loot box. Just wait next to the box for a sec, and itll automatically give you all the items youd want and nothing else.

may get a commission from retail offers.

Renault EZUltimo concept offers futuristic ride hailing for ncy people

Sure, autopickup might sound like a terrible idea but PUBG Mobile implements it so perfectly that I wish the PC version did this. The game automatically picks up the best stuff FOR you.

And in PUBG Mobile, youll never have thesuper, super annoying issuewhere you try to heal an ally and wind up grabbing an item off the ground instead. The buttons are totally separate.

But the most important thing about PUBG Mobile is this its just as intense when youre down to the wire, victory within reach. Your heart palpitates. Your hands shake. Its an incredible feeling to get from a game.

This looks like a giant mess, but its actually pretty managable. Thanks, autopickup!

The games free, and youll earn these coins just for playing… but wed be VERY surprised if we dont see people spending real cash for ingame items before long.

If you sign up with Facebook which PUBG pushes you to do the game will automatically add your friends when they sign up for the game, too. Assuming youre OK with the implications, its more convenient than trading Steam IDs on the PC version.

And get this the aiming controls actually work, too. Believe it or not, you cans spot, aim and actually hit foes with nothing but your touchscreen.

Stumble across a scope your rifle? The game will equip it for you. Find better armor? BOOM Youre already wearing it. This dramatically speeds up the most tedious part of the game.

Plus, in our early tests, it only consumes around MB of data for a match, whether youre using iOS or Android. Thats totally reasonable.

And the sprint feature issuperhandy when youve a long way to run.

On Xbox One, you sometimes still wont see buildings appear at this point in your ll. Impressive to see it working so well on mobile.

One of my first kills in PUBG Mobile I cant believe I was able to take someone down with a handgun using only touchscreen and gyro controls.

Renault EZUltimo concept offers futuristic ride hailing for ncy people

Which is to say Its thesameinsanely addictive, nailbiting player survival deathmatch, complete with fourperson online coop and voice chat as the Windows PC and Xbox versionsand it also comeswith a bunch of new features that make the game even better.

Want to go all Dukes of Hazzard? You can with no fewer than three different mobile control schemes. You can swap the straightup directional buttons for a tiny steering wheel, for instance.

Kia Niro EV arrives in Paris as ENiro, packing miles of range

Ah, yes, a totally unnecessary leveling system with no obvious rewards. Not much of a carrot youre dangling here, PUBG.

And dont think that PUBG Mobile skimps on the vehicles, either.

If you dont carefully customize your controls to fit, you might wind up accidentally spraying bullets all over the place, giving away your position. We sure did.

Share my victory on social media? Dont mind if I do.

Particularly when you have friends over for dinner.

The mobile version has the very same character customization options as the full PC release and the same drawbacks, too. Make sure you like what you select, because changing your character will cost a whopping , BP of PUBGs ingame currency.

Just two more days until Im not shirtless anymore!

Yes indeed the kickass jetski is already available for you to find and ride in the mobile verison of the game. It didnt even arrive on PC until last December, and just hit Xbox in March.

Plus, PUBG Mobile makes your player brave its Battle Royale completely naked… at least until you earn some ingame currency. The game might be free, but the ingame clothes arent.

Just remember even if youre having a bad match, theres always hilarity to be had.

Kia Niro EV arrives in Paris as ENiro, packing miles of range

See? Working spectator mode. And since theres voice chat, you can help spot for your teammates, just like on PC and console.

And just like on PC and Xbox, a squad game isnt necessarily over when youre dead incredibly, PUBG Mobile managed to cram the spectator mode in, too.

No Confederate flag though, for obvious reasons. And no turbo boost for vehicles like on Xbox and PC. Thats a surprising omission.

PUBG Mobile has a ton of quality of life improvements that arent in the PC or Xbox One versions like being able to see the flight path of the drop plane at the beginning of each match!

They still flip end over end like a champ, though, if you hit a slope wrong.

OK, lets talk about what we DONT like about PUBG Mobile or at least the things were a little uncertain about.

And then theres the gyroscope. It sure is hard to snipe in PUBG Mobile compared to mouseandkeyboard on PC, but wed argue its *easier* on phone than Xbox. Why? You can turn on gyro controls that let you simply nudge the phone in any direction for precise aiming.

And believe it or not, this overhead view of the map is actually better looking than the Xbox One version of the game. Sometimes.

Ditto this. I have no idea what this rating means.

Victory and chicken togo. Nothing tastes better.

First Man is the moon landing experience my generation is missing

Nobody can shoot me if Im hiding behind a rock out in the ocean, right? Right?

Heres why PUBG Mobile is pretty ntastic on the go.

And if you need any tips at all, check outour huge guide on how to play.

Theres no way to buy ingame currency yet, but you can earn it by sure you login every single day. Yup, this is definitely following a free to play model.

Also, you can literally drag items out of your inventory to toss em, if you ever need to. Way easier than scrolling between columns and rows on Xbox.

The mobile version will still let you squad up with your friends complete with a pretty darn decent voice chat system!

Hopping into a vehicle couldnt be easier and unlike on PC, theres no confusion over whether youre taking the wheel.

Want to tell your friends where to go? Just tap on the map. Way ster than slinging around analog sticks on Xbox, or even mouseandkeyboard on PC.

Lexus RC gets chassis and styling tweaks

Wonder if thatll always be the case, though… unlike PC, Xbox, and, say,games that got in trouble for loot boxes like Star Wars Battlefront II, PUBG Mobile is free to play.

How to get the clothing? Loot boxes! Thankfully, they only contain cosmetic items like clothing for now.

Where you drop in PUBG can determine if you win or lose and the mobile versions parachute controls are fine enough to place you exactly where you need. I had no trouble landing on the roof of this school and snatching up the best weapons in the area.

Remember all those FarmVille invites you used to get on Facebook? Well….

Another one to file under Why dont the PC and Xbox versions do this?

Speaking of loot boxes No, the game isnt ing blood spatter here. Each dead enemy emits a puff of green smoke to help you find where they left that sweet, sweet loot. Makes it way easier to spot on your phones tiny screen.

Want loot crates without paying for them? Play more. PLAY. MORE.

And a few times, on a lessthanperfect connection, we got totally booted out. Boo.

Unless a jeep is barreling right down at you, of course.

And those arent the only controls that PUBG Mobile improves. The beauty of the new autopickup feature if you dont have a weapon or ammo or accessory, just walk over it and its yours.

To start If your phone isnt the latest, greatest model, the game can take quite a while to load.

Theres not as much furniture inside houses in PUBG Mobile. Whered it all go? Makes it easier to play on the small screen, though.

…the controls are crazy customizable. Dont like where the onscreen buttons are? You can rearrange the entire layout to suit your own thumbs. Need the fire button in a different place? Move it. Prefer an invisible dpad? You got it. Just click on the settings icon and make those controls perfect.

Similarly, you can vault over obstacles in PUBG Mobile from day one a feature that took months to come to the PC version.

Also see the little bandage button at bottom center. No rooting around in your inventory to heal up your character.

We also had some weird moments where enemies just sat there, cing us, without shooting to kill. We have a sneaking suspicion that PUBG Mobile doesnt just pit you against real human players, but bots too.

Sniping out of a house still totally works, too. Might be the autoaim.

Dont walk over a sickle in reallife, folks.

Mercedes GLEClass will likely sprout coupe variant

And thats true even with slower phones. Even if you dont have the stest phone on the market, you might be a able to run the game anyway PUBG Mobile actually has graphics settings!

The ingame map is oddly less intrusive on the mobile version obscuring only half of your screen instead of the whole thing. Its also SO easy to navigate with touch controls.

Just swing your thumb r enough north on the virtual Dpad, and youll keep automatically running forward until you turn it off. Good way to rest your thumbs, and makes it easier to sight enemies since your digit isnt in the way.

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