MAR 20 2018

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best android phones

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Once Motorolas crowning glory, the X series has become its middle child. Motorola stirs things up a bit with the fourth gen Moto X by it the first Android One phone for the US. It is also the first of its line to sport dual cameras and comes with Alexa inside nonAndroid One version.

• Operating SystemAndroid .. Nougat, . Oreo update soon

MWC is almost upon us and so are the next generation of smartphones. Some of them will be quite droolworthy, but many will probably be beyond reach, both in time and in budget. If youre in need of a new mobile partner soon and your resources are a bit stretched thin, there are still some Android phones for you. And you wont even have to compromise that much. Here are some of the best midrange, walletfriendly phones that you can actually buy now instead of waiting for a few months.

While all of these five are pretty competitive, in the end, there can only be one. And for our recommendation, we give the award to the Motorola Moto X. Though on the more expensive side compared to the others, the Moto X hits the sweet spot in terms of hardware features, software, and accessibility. Available in nearvanilla Android with Amazon Alexa or as an Android One phone on Project Fi, the Moto X is a nononsense midrange handset that wont let you down for its price.

Very shiny and squeezable, the HTC U Life takes everything ns loved about the U and took it down a notch in specs and price. What it doesnt have in terms of dual rear cameras it makes up for with a selfie camera that is as capable as the one on the back.

Cortana Outlook support tipped in testing for Android and iOS

We would have given the crown to the Huawei Mate Lite, with better specs and an screen for a lower price tag. Unfortunately, the phone isnt directly available in the US yet, even via Amazon or Best Buy. And given how things are going for Huawei, its probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Just because youre paying less doesnt mean you need to get less. Hardware parts have become more affordable these days, and youd find some bezelless screens gracing even cheaper phones. That said, its a bit easier to spot a midrange phone by its processor, usually a Qualcomm Snapdragon series or equivalent, with or better yet GB of RAM. Almost everything else is ir game.

In the old days, lines were drawn based on price. Its less welldefined now, but you can still get a feel for whats too expensive and whats too cheap. Phones like the Essential PH and the OnePlus T make things even more confusing. Thats why for midrange phones, were looking for something that nicely sits between and . Anything higher and you might as well get a more affordable flagship.

Nokias latest offering, the Nokia is unassuming in its design. The single camera on its back belies its capabilities but Nokias bofie gimmick also mars its seriousness.

Huawei HiAssistant to square off with Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby

Google Drive will use AI to improve Shared With Me content

The smartphone market below the premium line has become a bit complicated. Former lines have been blurred and what were once highend features have more or less become available on lower tiers. Some premium phones, like the Essential PH, have prices that dip into the midrange sphere. Of course, its still more expensive than what some might be able to afford. For this round, were looking at this combination of features that offer the best bang for your buck, no matter how small that latter may be.

Screens are one of the things that is in constant flux these days, especially with the advent of panels. Midrange phones now tend to sit on the p Full HD side of the fence. Bonus points if they get FHD.

• Main Camera MP, f/., PDAF, Carl Zeiss lens

In a similar vein, the Huawe Mate Lite takes a few s from the Mate and Mate Pros book, particularly its screen. Dual cameras front and back, this is a budgetconscious smartphone photographers dream. A bit of an unreachable dream at that.

Google Search on iOS gets deeper app integrations

• Main Camera MP, f/., dual pixel PDAF MP, f/.

Unyielding to trends and hype, the Xperia XA is as traditional as you can get in terms of design and specs. This time, though, it seems Sony has finally gotten the price right on the first try.

• Operating SystemAndroid . Nougat, upgradeable to . Oreo

A great and affordable phone is rendered unreachable if you cant easily buy it. While its always possible to buy a phone online these days, especially from repule retailers, theres still a lot to be said for something you can buy locally, especially with financing options.

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